YAY! You made it here.

I am so GLAD you did.

You might feel like you are struggling with the first step to take to get in shape, or just can't seem to shake your injuries, or you know what healthy food is but can't seem to stay consistent.  

You can do all of these things.  And it can fit into your current lifestyle.

If you want to get ripped in 8 weeks, I am not your person.  

If you like slow, measurable progress and a sustainable program that builds you up at a level your body totally can handle, and can maintain for years, then let's do this!  

My personal trainer spirit and enthusiasm keep you excited; my humanity + nutritional coach co-creates a realistic menu; my laser physical therapy eyes keep you safe!

My big 3 focus is: Mindset, Menu, and Movement.

Your lifestyle, family commitments, and awesomeness determine the rest!  

I am looking for new clients who have a desire to be strong not just now, but well into the future!  And who like to laugh and be ridiculous while they do it.

My sole purpose is that you are confident with each and every adventure on the horizon and make a new normal with your habits.  Does this resonate?

Schedule a Get-To-Know-You call by clicking here, and let's talk about what our first session will look like!