Beth is an incredible resource - not just a personal trainer with a masters in physical therapy. She continuously seeks to learn and master her field of practice and approaches her clients with a holistic lens. She is healer, a life coach, and truly a kind, altruistic, motivational person. I would unconditionally recommend Beth to anyone seeking to further their wellness - she is an essential partner to have in that pursuit.
— Briar E., Virtual and In Person Client, Portland, OR
Beth continues to surprise me with her ability to be in the room - to detect and correct postural positioning - for our remote workout sessions. It is FUN to workout with Beth. She is positive. Encouraging. Able to meet us (her clients) where we are and bring us forward. She builds confidence, strength, flexibility, agility. I feel safe in her care with her experience of therapeutic body work as a physical therapist. And I love that she introduces me to a wide range of new thought about body work. Thank you, Beth!
— Deb C., Virtual Client, Michigan
When I started having terrible pain in my knee, things that I had always done without thinking were painful or impossible. I couldn’t walk the dog, ride my bike, get downstairs to do laundry...I was afraid to move.

Beth’s insight, and her empathy are evident and so accessible. It takes trust to work through pain, and she helped me do that slowly, safely, with small changes. With Beth’s teaching, and the practice of gradual strengthening, I have regained my confidence. The kindness and humor of her coaching is like a mantra now, encouraging and motivating me. She is competent, kind, and fun to work with.

Now I understand that injury had cascaded through my body in subtle but connected ways. Recovery is a similar journey. Getting pain free hasn’t happened all at once, and I’m not done, but Beth has helped me transition from being hurt to being in control.
— Judy S., In Person client, Portland, Oregon
I have worked with Beth for several years. Throughout our time she has helped me work through an old injury to my shoulder as well as ongoing IT band issues; her encouragement and support have helped me to continue running marathons twice yearly. She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. Her knowledge regarding muscle groups and body systems is vast and she is able to explain not only what we’re doing, but why we’re doing it. I love my sessions with Beth!
— Deb F., Virtual, In person, and Run Coaching Client, Portland, Oregon
Working with Beth has helped me gain a better understanding of my body and what I need to do in order to take care of it. She is very accommodating and we were able to create a schedule that fit my needs, I have worked with Beth both in person and online via Skype and I’ve had nothing but positive results using both methods. She has a great awareness of the things I need to focus on and is able to assess my progress as time goes on. Her energy and enthusiasm are just what you need to ensure your training and physical fitness are both enjoyable and effective.
— Brian B., Virtual Client, Portland, Oregon
Beth is an expert in running and a master of body mechanics and muscle function. She is incredibly bright with a wealth of knowledge of health and fitness. She has a warm personality with the brains and experience to back up every course of action she takes. Her dedication to her clients is unprecedented. Beth is the standard by which any trainer should be measured.
— Darci W., Run Coaching Client, Portland, Oregon
When I began to work with Beth in July 2016, I was at a physical point where I needed a cane to get from my bed to the bathroom every morning due to an old sports injury. I had been to a few doctors who tried to help, with no success. I began a long distance training program with Beth and I am so pleased to report that not only do I no longer need assistance in the morning and I ran one of my fastest 1/2 marathons in February 2016. Beth is so incredibly smart and gifted at working with all levels of fitness. Whatever the fitness goal-Beth WILL be able to help you meet and exceed that goal. I truly consider her a prayer answered and am so thankful for all of her help.
— Aubrey C., Virtual Client, Run Coaching Client, Texas