What happens during our Starting Point Session?

After our Get-To-Know-You call, we move to the next step, the Starting Point Session.  

Starting Point Session includes:

  • Getting verbal: an unhurried review of your health history, current commitments, what you will achieve during out time together.

  • Assessing your physical strengths and areas of potential: checking out range of motion, strength, and areas that may have experienced surgery or injury.

  • Video and Photo analysis: before photos, big movements like: walking, squatting, lunging, and functional movements like on and off the floor, or sport-specific moves like running or golf swing.

  • Getting Goalsy: let's take all that info and synthesize a plan to achieve your goals.

  • Cost: In home or online: $199.00


Let's talk about where you are coming from!

The usuals: medical history, past interventions, surgeries and injuries, your adventures in body moving and food wrangling.

  • Flow of life: What is a typical day and week like for you?

  • Responsibilities: other stuff that is key in your life, who do you take care of? What kind of job do you have?

  • Goals: What do you want to achieve? What gets you inspired and excited?



  • Next, we check out how your body moves. Specifically, let's get curious about your range of motion and strength in your spine, hips, knees, ankles, toes, shoulders, elbows and hands.

  • Photos: taking posture pictures to check alignment and a taking a "before"picture is key. We see ourselves every day so taking pics every 4-6 weeks helps to see how you are changing.

  • Paying special attention: any areas you mentioned above that have experienced injury, surgery, or are otherwise limiting you.


Fancy moves analysis

  • Let's record your walking, and/or running (squatting, stair climb may be included too); we will look at this together in slow motion.

  • Connecting dots: Let's tie your story together from all the info we have gathered. We knit your range of motion and strength to what we see on video to reveal your strengths and awesomeness. This allows us to respect areas on the mend and plan workouts that challenge you AND are safe.


Make a Plan:

Finally, we set behavioral goals that are doable and will lead to your outcome goals.

  • When will we work together? Organization and planning is so key to fitness and nutrition! Where is the space in your schedule?

  • What will you do on your off days? This might be meal planning, or working on a sleep ritual.

  • What are you already doing super well? You have skills already. Let's use that to our advantage!

  • What areas can we shine up a bit? Let's look at where you need to build skills, maybe you need help with food prep, cooking, movement, and/or planning.