I'm part physical therapist + part personal trainer + part cheerleader for you winning at life.

As an lifelong athlete who is also a physical therapist, and experienced personal trainer, I noticed a gap where physical therapy left off and a thriving, fit person began.
I mean think about it: If you get hurt, seek out physical therapy and then get discharged, you may find yourself feeling better, but lack a clear direction about what to do next. Sure you have survived, but you won't get to superhero status by surviving, let alone be an amazing athlete, or run that next marathon.
I don't just want you to heal up and be mobile, I want you to kickass and live to be 100+ years old, with a huge smile on your face.
Can I geek out for a second too? 

I have always been fascinated by the sheer potential of the human body and its ability to change, heal, and get stronger with time, and I love connecting with people like YOU to help you reach that potential in ways that fit your lifestyle. YES, it can be done!

Things I can help you with (partial list):

  • Rapidly recover from injury

  • Nail a PR for next 5K or half marathon.

  • Do a 300-mile bike ride over five days

  • Develop fitness habits to rock it at 100 years young

  • Make your friends wonder how you look and feel soooooo good

...and more.

This is about you + me + and a commitment to your most, important long term physical fitness goals.

Are you pickin' up what I'm laying down?

If this is resonating with you...reach out to schedule a free introductory consultation, so we can talk about the amazing results we can achieve together. Cause you're worth it!

 And if you like the serious stuff, read about my professional credentials, below...

Professional Education and Experience

Beth graduated from Michigan State University in 1998 with a degree in Human Physiology, and received her physical therapy degree in 2001 from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. In 2003, she pursued a certification as a Strength and Conditioning coach through the National College of Sports Medicine. 

Beth is also a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports and Medicine and a certified Road Runners of America distance running coach. 

In addition to formal continuing education for her physical therapy licensure, and all her certifications, she listens to podcasts, reads blogs, and research about autoimmune disorders, running, strengthening, and other relevant research in the world of health, fitness, and physical therapy. She is licensed as a physical therapist in Michigan, and Oregon.