What does your full-on, wild mane blowing in the wind, pearly hooves thundering across the rainbowy plains, Healthicorn look like?

Mine is an illness dodging, strong, flexible, well-rested filly (with a tiny leather vest jacket, why not!?), and shapely resilient body who remembers her every 6-month dental visit. My eyeball is on DEEP HEALTH.  And the folks I want to work with feel the same way.

This searching-for-the-next-step is the thing I love to cultivate with all my clients, and the core transforming idea I want to explore with you!

Together, we combine small tiny actions with gentle accountability, for big growth!

I would love to support you in identifying your next small step to build that bridge to becoming your own magical Healthicorn!

And that's why I'm inviting you to a webinar that I will be hosting, where you will get the tools and insight that will help you to get clear...


June 8th, 2019

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Via Zoom!

 In this workshop, we will:

  • Look at where you are stuck, and where you are doing well!

  • Identify what your deep health vision looks like

  • What’s the truth and realness of your current schedule

  • Chose one small, relevant and doable step to help build the bridge to your vision!

  • Schedule and plan this powerful tiny action

  • A clear path and transformation strategy

I am keeping this webinar to 8 people so their is time to share and reflect!

Ready to DO THE THING? YEAH! Sign up below to get access information...


What is Zoom anyway?

Zoom is our “container” for our hang out. It is videoconferencing that allows each of us to see and hear each other. It also allows messaging between us. It is our Holiday Inn conference room, but you get to wear your chosen cozy uniform and bring along your cup of tea or coffee!

You will receive an email with a link to the conference. You can join via PC, laptop, phone, or tablet. If joining by tablet, you need to download the zoom app!

But exploring can make feels!?

Yes, sometimes it can! Th rainbow of feels is often the through put to change.

The Healthicorn Workshop is a safe place, all expressions of ideas, body types, diet culture and history, stressors, sexuality, religion, race. All of it welcome.

I create a container of respect, privacy, and listening. A space to allow your ideas and insights flow without feedback or problem solving, unless you want it for me or from the group!