What does your full-on, wild mane blowing in the wind, pearly hooves thundering across the rainbowy plains, Healthicorn look like?

Mine is an illness dodging, strong, flexible, well-rested filly (with a tiny leather vest jacket, why not!?), and shapely resilient body who remembers her every 6-month dental visit. My eyeball is on DEEP HEALTH.  And the folks I want to work with feel the same way.

This searching-for-the-next-step is the thing I love to cultivate with all my clients, and what I am doing daily with my people enrolled in my year-long fitness journey.

Together, we combine small tiny actions with gentle accountability!

I would love to support you in identifying your next small step to build that bridge to becoming your own magical Healthicorn!

And that's why I'm inviting you to a very special no-cost webinar that I will be hosting, where you will get the tools and insight that will help you to get clear...


September 29th
10 am - 11: 30 am PST

Via Zoom!


In this workshop, we will:

  • Look at where you are stuck, and where you are doing well!

  • Identify what your deep health vision is

  • Chose one small, relevant and doable step to help build the bridge to your vision!

I am keeping this webinar to 6 people so their is time to share and reflect!

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