Starts September 16th, 2019!

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10 week program for curious humans who want to get started, and stay started.

You are a lifelong learner who knows ALL the wellness tips and tricks…but you need a push to weave all those “3 ways to meal prep like a boss” internet nuggets into your life and clarify YOUR next step for deep health.

You get that to be a kick ass septuagenerian, you need these habits to build muscle, protect bone, create a healthier brain and gut. A sustainable menu, doable movement and the right mindset will makes you a more resilient, more confident human.

  • Get yourself a MENU of 8-10 doable go to meals that you like and know!

  • Get yourself confident with MOVEMENT by learning 3 basic workouts led by me!

  • Get yourself a MINDSET that will help you grow awareness at every meal, regardless what is on your plate!

Are you starting to notice that your body doesn’t recover like it used to?

Are you telling people to get off your lawn?

I get it!

You don’t have to feel this way.

You do have an option.

You can take action and develop skills and behaviors to keep yourself connected to your vitality.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. It just has to be clear and doable and connected to your schedule and circumstances.

Using humor, observation, neuroscience, and skill building, we will work on two lifelong skills, eating slow and eating to 80 percent full.

Each one for a full month.

These are the first 2 skills in my year long Wellness Adventure. They are so rich with potential I am stretching out these two skills for 2 months, versus two weeks!

Those eating skills represent the Mindset part of our three legged stool. Movement and Menu are the other two!

Why is all this important to your life goals?

Are you having a hard time getting on and off the floor? Do you ever think twice about lifting something? Would you love to be able to just run a 5K without consequences? What goals would you like to meet?

What does your vision and impression of your self look like? Where do you want to be in five years?

Do you want to be still moving and shaking at 70? 80? 90? Do you have something bigger you want to do? What will it take you to get there? Do you need to grow a business, a family and want to have energy to make to happen?

Not asking cause I want you to feel not amazing about the awesome human you are, right now, asking cause I want you to find your confidence, and safety now and into your golden years. Movement and nutrition are key to that.

This is a simple pathway to get there.

But I can do this myself?

Of course! You totally can.

And it can be hard to nail it all down when you are holding so much space for others. Like that stinking job and career you love, or your adorable family, they are always are talking and wanting you to watch them play soccer and make or find food.

We have a lot going on, and having the space held for you by a pretty nice lady, myself, is key…essential. I know because I have space holders for myself and see how that has catapulted my knowledge and ownership of my skills.

My personal casserole of physical therapist, trainer, and nutrition coach have a little of each column to help you put it all in one doable basket.

3 components:

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The basis of your Strong and Supported program is setting up a mental approach to habit building and problem solving based on compassion, to let our creativity, curiosity, and discovery lead us to a better way.

Basically, strapping on some self-compassion perspectacles. Sounds too soft and squishy for you? I used to agree! But neuroscience says self-compassion = habit change,.

Self-compassion generates gentleness around not getting it quite right, creates humor when we recognize our common humanity, and creativity and confidence around self-accountability. This shifts any whispers of shame around food and movement.

We will be crafting our new per spectacles as we focus on learning skills and developing techniques that will last a lifetime!

Our two mindset life skill habits are eating slow and eating to 80 percent full.

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Let’s deepen your knowledge of the squat, deadlift, all the lunges, push up, chest press, row and a smattering of core, balance, and flexibility stuffs.

Once you learn the edges and idea of a movement, the you can see where that meets your bodies strengths and potential zones.

We have different bodies, and this different bodies have different stories. So let’s figure how a squat looks on you, and how a chest press looks on you.

Let’s give you the knowledge and the skill to have the basic skills to walk into any class, or gym, and do a thing and know your pushing that edge of doing a thing without injuring a thing.

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There are so many ways to approach a nutrition plan that has all the things you need.

As a group, we will tweak recipes you already like to make. You love tacos, how can we make a even more nutrient dense taco.

You like burgers, mac and cheese, spinach dip, let’s do this!

Also, keeping minds open for trying new things!

If we don’t have any recipes to play with, I will introduce some easy peasy way to make meals.

And if you are super new to meal prep, we will start with just assembling things, and teach you some new cooking skills.

At the end, We will have a group cook book that you get to keep!

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