What does In Home Personal Training look like?



I come to you!

Benefits include:

  • Planned and organized sessions based on your goals

  • Saved travel time, gas, and stress from traffic

  • Working out in an atmosphere you know and are comfy in

  • Learn routines that can be done in your own space



A session consists of:

  • Dynamic warm up and self care (get warm, zap ouchies!)

  • Strengthening + agility + balance

  • Flexibility

  • Nutrition lessons and check-ins

  • Off day assignments reviewed



I feel nutrition and exercise are both 100% important.  

One cannot succeed without the other, so together we journey through nutrition lessons based on changing habits.

I use my knowledge from my Level 1 and 2 Precision Nutrition Certification to help you create a menu and meal flow that is unique to you.  I do this with daily check ins with the ProCoach app or bi weekly with paper tracking. 

Nutrition coaching is a two-way conversation.    We reflect, discuss, and delve to really hone your skills.  Our two big ones: eating slow and eating to 80% full.  The idea is to craft habits that go on long after we are partners in seeking deep health.  My intention is that you walk away with skills that you can have for the rest of your life, not just while we work together.