YAY! You made it here.

I am so GLAD you did.

My name is Beth Trimark-Connor and I am a three-fer, a physical therapist, a personal trainer, and a nutrition coach.

My teaching and training style is…also a trifecta (said with eyebrows up, chin down).

My focus is: Mindset, Menu, and Movement. I feel like all three are necessary to make long lasting change, and without all three, you will not find sustainability.

I like to look through a mindset lens that uses self-compassion and self-accountability in equal doses. This perspective helps you to stay curious, invested, and excited to make sustainable changes. Coming at your deep health with an open mind allows you experiment with and ultimately design a personalized menu and movement plan that makes sense for you and your family.

You might feel like you are struggling with the first step to take to get in shape, or just can't seem to shake your injuries, or you know what healthy food is but can't seem to stay consistent.  

You can do all of these things.  And it can fit into your current lifestyle.

If you are having a hard time getting started, you likely need an overly excited human like myself to help you get there!

If you want to get ripped in 8 weeks, I am not your person.  

If you like consistent, measurable progress and are seeking a sustainable program that builds you up at a level your body can totally handle and maintain for years, then let's do this!  

My personal trainer knowledge, spirit, and enthusiasm keep you excited and engaged.

My nutritional coaching knowledge and your personal and/or family preferences come together to create a realistic, healthy, deeply nourishing menu.

My laser focused physical therapy eyes and experience keep you safe and get you balanced strength and flexibility!

Your lifestyle, family commitments, and awesomeness determine the rest!  

I am looking for new clients who have a desire to be strong not just now, but well into their future and who like to laugh and be ridiculous while they do it.

My sole purpose is that you are confident with each and every adventure on the horizon and make a new normal with your sustainable habits.  I want you to be strong and healthy to enjoy your life as much as possible, for as long as possible, and without manifestation of any family medical history into personal medical history. Does this resonate?

Schedule a Get-To-Know-You call by clicking here, and let's talk about what our first session will look like!

Three ways to work together!

  • Looking for a one-on-one online personal training + nutrition coach?

    • Check out my Mindset, Menu, and Movement packages! I am taking on new clients January 2020 for online training only.

  • Looking for a balance between one and one coaching and some group magic?

    • My next Strong and Supported program launches October 6th, 2019 and works on switching to a self-compassion mindset (shown to help reach goals and amplify self-accountability without shame or guilt), two lifelong eating habits, 3 go-to workouts, and a cookbook made of foods you already eat, optimized for high nutrition density.

  • Looking for a big shift, group magic, and investing deep into the future you?

    1. My year long Wellness Adventure launches January 2020 and will be another small group that goes for a full year, taking you through 24 habits! Menu, Mindset, and Movement for a full year of discovery and transformation!

    What’s the first step?

Our first step, for each program, is a Get-To-Know-You-Zoom call

I think inviting each other into one another’s lives is a big deal! So, I offer a complimentary Get-To-Know-You call to all of my atheletes before we partner up for any programs.

During our Get-To-Know-You call, you share your health story, what your priorities and values are, what big picture shifts you are looking for, and I will make sure I am hearing all the parts of your story.

I will check for readiness, curiosity, and willingness to try out a new mindset. Click the button below to schedule a call!