Fall Running Class

Do you want to learn to run in a healthy, balanced way?

This is your party! Starts October 10th.


You will learn so much to keep you safe, and progressing towards about 30 minutes of walk-run or continuous running.

Things that make this class unique are you get beginner running advice from a physical therapist + personal trainer  perspective.

Some take homes you walk away with:

  • self care and prevention for some common injuries 
  • a unique walk-run workout
  • key flexibility moves.

Expect a walk-run ratio that meets you where you are at:

  • 12 weeks of running class learning how to run for your body and have the support of awesome people (Accoutabili-buddies are the best!)
  • We will have an optional class 5K at the end!
  • Tuesday morning
    • 6:30 am
    • 8:00 am
  • The 50 minute workout looks like this:
    • warm up + self care
    • strengthening
    • running 
    • stretch-o-the-day 5 minutes
  • Our Facebook group will keep track of workouts (also for posting success pics and encouragement!)

Super quick summary!

  • Where: Grant Park
  • When: 6:30 am, Starts
  • What: Learn to Run
  • Learn more about my background here!

This is a great opportunity to have your individual needs recognized and honored while running in a group atmosphere.

Nervous? I get it. Email me at beth@gotrainingwithbeth.com Let's quells the befuddlies with email or click here to do a get-to-know you call.