That's a good question, right?

Usually a nubbly ball of issues or a big event will trigger a life change for the average mammal.

How you look in a photo. A fall. Job change. Injury. Desire to be a crazy strong mofo.

My clients come to me because they are fed up with an ouch, or feel tired and fatigued. Or all of the above. They want to be able to negotiate the stairs without pain, hike and feel stable, run faster, and carry in the groceries.  I would say physical limitations are the #1 driver of change that bring my people to me.  

We as a heath community know some things about successful change.  You gotta feel a bit excited about it, and will have more success with long term change if you change one thing at a time, versus mega overhaul everything at once.  It is equally important to get glacially clear about why you want it, and how you will feel when this goal is your reality.  Then look at what your limiting factor is, and implement a good ole behavior change.  

Here is an example form my own life.  Desired goal. Excitement. Limiting factor. Behavior change.

This year my goal is to meditate everyday.  And to me...this IS exciting!

Why? The sweet, sweet brain balm meditation provides oozes into all my other goals.  When I have a calm, clear mind, I make MUCH better decisions and am a better focuser (yes, this is a word..?).   I have two autoimmune disorders.  Evidence for this being a helper on multiple fronts in reversing or helping autoimmune disorders (reducing sympathetic tone, aiding against depression, and so forth) make meditation sort of like free medicine.  

My limiting factor? I found I needed to do it first thing, and that meant earlier to rise.  Earlier to rise meant earlier to bed.

My behavior change? Get to bed earlier.  I realized I was not awesome at putting myself to bed, so this was a huge step in the right direction.  With sleep being our recharge time, this has been great addition to my health regimen in general.  Win-to-the-win-to-the-winny-win-win!

I am excited about how clean and calm I feel when I meditate, and so far I have meditated 39 times since September 15th! And had a 16 day streak in there!  Next year I can blog about 365 days straight. I am currently on a 3 day streak!

Are you ready for nutrition and lifestyle change? Are you ready to rumble! Let me know! in the "Ready For Change" form below that is part of my mega intake.  See how you score!

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