PRE-PAIN Signals!

Ring. Ring. Hello!

It's your body. 

Have you gotten any wake up calls lately?  Or maybe a really brief text?

Think about a time when you had a medium to large injury.  Were there whispers along the way?  A little difficulty in the mornings getting moving that wasn't there before.  Has it been harder to balance and put on your pants?  Have you had a nagging feeling in your hamstring on and off during your runs?  Did you feel something after lifting weights in your back and it never went away?  Sore feet after a wedding and now your getting a little bunion?

That is a casserole of potential injury baking.

Sometimes body changes can be loud and really get your attention.  Sometimes the trigger may be subtle.

I challenge you to scan your body and see if anything is whispering.  Have you begun to accept discomfort and pain and modify your life around this sensation? 

Respect those remarks from your body and embrace a solution by:

  • going for a walk
  • try a BEGINNER yoga class
  • Check out the MELT method
  • Pick up Jill Miller's ROLL Model book
  • Call me!

One last thought on signals.  IF you have had an injury doing (fill in the blank) then simply stop moving for a while...the offended area may no longer be actively painful, but it has changed.  If you hurt yourself, there IS a strength, range of motion, and/or neurological change.  And it will most likely come up if you go back to activity without loving on that zone.

One of the biggest indicators of low back is PREVIOUS back pain.  Same with ankle sprains.  One of the biggest indicators of ankle sprain is having experienced one already!!!  

Pain may subside, but decreased range of motion, strength, power, or stability are indicators of change in function.  And I want you to function happy and strong in your world.  

Comment below if you have any signals!