PRE-PAIN Signals Making You Movement Nervous?

Ring. Ring. Hello!

It's your body. 

Have you gotten any wake up calls lately?  Or maybe a really brief text?

Maybe it’s that pre-pain sig on your pager form the 90’s.

Before the big ouch, we might have things like…

  • Stiffness

  • Decreased ease of movement

  • Feeling not recovered between workouts

  • Pain that is present before or after a workout but not during

That is a casserole of injury baking.

Sometimes body changes can be loud and really get your attention.  Sometimes the trigger may be subtle.

I challenge you to scan your body and see if anything is whispering.  Have you begun to accept discomfort and pain and modify your life around this sensation? 

Respect those remarks from your body, and explore the world of thoughtful self-care!

  • Going for a walk: (did you just roll your eyes? I felt someone roll their eyes…). Walking is the job of the body and with the winter season you might simply not be walking continuously in comfy footwear enough.

  • Try a BEGINNER yoga class…that’s right…simple, easy stretching. Or maybe just do safe, simple stretching…

  • Check out the MELT method…online and DVD videos, classes, and maybe local workshops.

  • Pick up Jill Miller's ROLL Model book…so many way to treat thineself. Jill is so generous in her online communities!

  • Call me! I am a nice lady.

Sometimes growing a bit more time for mobility work, self-care, and stretch are all you need to reclaim your full flexitude.

If you got hot and loud ouches though, find your doc! I know that is a priviledge not available to everyone, so leveraging some of the free online resources above may be helpful.

One last thought on signals.  IF you have had an injury doing (fill in the blank) then simply stop moving for a while...the offended area may no longer be actively painful, but it has changed.  If you hurt yourself, there IS a strength, range of motion, and neurological change.  And it will most likely come up if you go back to activity without loving on that zone.

One of the biggest indicators of low back is PREVIOUS back pain.  One of the biggest indicators of ankle sprain is having experienced one already!!!  

Pain may subside, but decreased range of motion, strength, power, or stability are indicators of change in function.  And I want you to function happy and strong in your world.  

Comment below if you have any signals!