This is not even meant to be sarcastic.

I think all kinds of magic happens at either end of the bell curve.

We emerge more resilient and empowered after victory and injury.

I think weight gain is insightful.  I think weight loss is too.

What works?  What is sustainable?  When did you last feel like you were enough?

If we reflect back on our physical and health successes and set backs, it can be really clear when   we were so happy and  aligned or kinda miserable and misaligned with our exercise, nutrition and flow of life. 

I define flow of life as what happens on the Monday through Sunday.  Everybody's week is unique.  Some folks have already created space for work outs, planned meals, and have goals.  Some are just trying to find there car keys, and keep there socks clean.  

I think most of us are somewhere on the spectrum!

An example might be you are by nature more chill but you overdid with exercise and ended  up with a back injury that took forever to heal.  

And you were a warrior but now you are a bit scared to move.  You flash back to what was and feel like you don't know the first step on your next path.

OR you fell into a low place because vigorous exercise is what keeps you happy and you moved away from your favorite gym and never found a new great fit.  

You have tried but something isn't clicking.

Trying out what works and what doesn't it really the jist. Sometimes you can journey independently and sometimes you need a buddy.

My skill set as a physical therapist + personal trainer + nutrition coach is helping you find YOUR health and flow balance.  

Do you thrive more when you get the Sweatsies or does slower weight lifting fill your soul?  Does yoga make everything right?  Does it feel better to walk or run?

Health is your life.  Health is not a part-time or seasonal job. It is not separate or something you do before your cousin Rita's daughter’s wedding.

But that doesn't have to be heavy, or demanding.  

Making magic spots in your life for nutrient density and movement can fully align with the life you have now and the life you want to step into. 

 Health is the intersection of your relationship with nutrition, your beautiful body and your life.

It's a super fancy web+net+wellspring of goodness that is as unique as your fingerprint.  Mine doesn't need to look like yours...or cousin Rita's.  We all come with unique history, capacity, and life flow. 

If you are having a hard time finding that flow, let's find your alignment together and unearth your inner athlete!