Self-Compassion and Self-Accountability

A loving two-fer!

What is Self-Compassion?

It’s a heart and soul muffler.  It is seeing yourself and your situations with true warmth.  

The compassion you would bestow on a family member in need, bird with a broken wing, or dear friend who is hurting, you take that and pour it on yourself.  Maybe even maniac-on-the-floor style!

It entails being kind to yourself in any general suffering sitch, failure, shortcomings, etc.

It means when something goes awry, you start cultivating a loving 3-pronged approach to figuring out how to course correct.

  • FIRST,  hug-it-up. Employ self-compassion by using self talk that recognizes the ouch and soothes it.

  • Next remember you = human.  You and we and us, we WILL fudge it up sometimes. That is normal.

  • And then a shot of self-accountability.  Self accountability would be the how would you like to change things, versus a one-way ticket to shame town.

I got an example from the last 24 hours!

We are out of town on the tail end of a family emergency, and have been away from home for 7 weeks.

And I am feeling that see-everyone-help-everyone-hug-everyone feeling.  

The other huge component of maintaining a nomadic life is keeping up body moving and the deep nourishment train whilst without your normal kitchen and home workout tools.

WELP.  Yesterday,  overplanned and had to cancel with my mom and a dear buddy.  THAT felt bad.

  • Say/do ratio is really important to me. If I say I am going to do it, I want to fulfill that commitment

  • And yet, I made a mistake, actually two. I recognize that the overplanning is a symptom of wanting to hug everybody one more time, and people overplan and misjudge. It is truly human.

  • Course correct! Okay, with that loving reflection, my partner and I agreed one major visit/activity a day as we wind down this visit. I owned and apologized to my people. I with move forward with extra knowing and remember to not overpack a day.


SO…self-compassion applies real hard when a human is seeking deep health.

You might be frustrated and feeling a bit shamey even before you even start! 

Why haven’t I taken action? How did I get out of touch?

WELP. No worries! Let’s run our scenario above.


  • First, compassion. Like real snuggly, true, hot tea for your soul…I haven’t taken action because (fill in a plethora of good reasons). And those things totally needed my attention. DO this part as if you are sitting couch-side with a good buddy. Don’t rush off, really make eye contact with yourself.

  • Common Humanity. I am not the first person to get distracted by (fill in a plethora of good reasons). It is true overwhelm and life changes certainly can take a human off track.

  • Self-accountability. Knowing this, in the future, I want to start planning to (fill in what you feel you can do within the bounds of your commitments) because (your why…).

Have you ever miscalculated or overplanned a day? 

If you like the idea of looking through these persepectacles, I am doing an online 10 week habit building group program starting October 6th.  This is about eating slow and working on being aware of fullness, learning 3 workouts, and building a menu from our groups favorite meals. And having a good time learning self-compassion.

Mindset. Movement. Menu.

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