When motivation is NOT the problem...Part 1



You really like to move your body!

You enjoy it!

When you think about your most fit self you recall lots of good-type feelings?

Why can't you get-yourself-to-the-gym-stream-that-thing-get-on-that-treadmill-go-for-a-walk?

Maybe you just need to develop the skill of planning FOR YOU. Or in general.


  • your new job is in a different location

  • or you have kiddos

  • you are in a different climate

  • new partner

  • post-surgery...

Things shift, we fall in love, we make mammals, we move cities, we have our ACL repaired. And sometimes we need to recalculate the flow of life.

Maybe your schedule, systems, and structure has not shifted to meet it?

Good news! Tweaking these three big parameters can help you navigate your changing landscapes and perspectives.

Put these in place and you will have the background and foundation to ensure some schedule “vacancy” for your new habit.

Your systems, the how you do stuff. The sequence, the procedure, the steps.

Your structures, the physical environment, the materials you will use, and also what you do.  

Your schedule, when and for how long.

These three things can help create success, even more so than motivation.

Over the next few days, I will break these down a bit...To get started you need to identify the very firstest step.  

The next concrete thing to do!

I am going to start with schedule and this is also what I do with my clients too.

One of the first steps I do with a new client is to write out their current schedule and start to problem solve the where and how long. Cause it’s has to fit in your current lifeflow. They already have commitments and stuff they do so let’s see where the space is.

Then we identify possible barriers and problem solve them too.

Your do-the-thing is to identify reliable spots for your movement party. Write out your whole weekly schedule. Where is there time for your new activity?

If you have an hour most Tuesdays, great! Or do you have two 20 or 30 minute spaces, claim them (cue echo-reverb sound and pounding some type of staff or stick into the ground).


If you are fiercely DIY and tend to keep your efforts to yourself, don’t secret your thing this time.

If you tend to keep the new doings away from your family, friends, or roommates sharing your zone, they can not be your allies. Invite your people into your goal, and they can help you preserve that time.

Next we will play with locale...kinda like planning a cat show, a wedding, or a how-to-pickle anything event, once you pick” where” in addition to the when the rest becomes a bit clearer.

YES, you can have a pirate-themed wedding with goldfish treasure chest fish bowl centerpieces, but you got to have a place so everyone can know where to go!

Don't worry about the what or whether or not you will succeed.  

You totally will succeed.

Just first pick a spot in your schedule where said success will take place.

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