When motivation is NOT the problem...Part 2





Yesterday, we talked a bit about finding space in your schedule.

I do want to have a sidebar adventure here and say what if you looked and there is no room…that’s okay too!

This is a situation where maybe you tweak something you have to do already…like sleep! Or meals you already have…maybe you simply eat a bit slower at one meal.

And in the meantime, look for a space or start to let go of things taking up space that don’t give a thing back.

In my last Stuff and Things installment we got into three big things that help you navigate your day.

Your systems, the how you do stuff. The sequence, the procedure, the steps.

Your structures, the physical environment, the materials you will use, and also what you do.  A little backfill here, the "why" you are doing it is going to be a strong influence here.

Your schedule, when and for how long.

AND finding space in schedule.

Next is the where, where will you do your thing?

Let’s start moving onto locale...kinda like planning any event, once you pick “where” the rest becomes a bit clearer.

A big first question when it comes to body moving is, at home, or at a gym?

Gym will sometimes mean:

  • Travel

  • Outfit change/showering if before work

  • Access to childcare possibly

  • A reserved away from home space to do the thing

  • Access to equipment that might not work or fit at home

  • Social conection

  • Group workouts

If at a gym feels like the right fit, your action today is to look at gyms, find one that fits youl budget, travel time, child care, and chosen-form-of-move-your-body (class, free weights, and/or equipment) needs.  

That is your workout! Keep at it, schedule time to do this thing.  It's your very next action item.

If at home, where do you have space?

You don't need a ton of space, a yoga or exercise mat's worth is usually sufficient. This space can be “convertible”.

 Are you gonna listen to music?  

Do you have a spot to plug in your phone or laptop?

Are you going to stream workouts or watch a DVD, make sure you have a spot for your phone-laptop-TV.

And once again, it can be a convertible space (the living room, your bedroom).

You can just gather your gear in a basket, or box.  

Downside for home is your people respecting your movement time.

Once again, don’t secret away this life change or idea get your team on board!

Your action item is to scope it out! Where is a space that can be your mini-gym for a few hours a week?

Don't worry about the what or how long or whether or not you will succeed.  

You totally will succeed.

Just first pick a spot in the schedule and then a physical location where said success will take place.

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