When Motivation is not the Problem...Part 3

This is the last in my 3-fer centering around when Motivation is not the Problem. 

Often I find with clients, life has shifted just enough that the old way can not fit the new paradigm.

How do you sketch up a new paradigm that fits your life flow?

My first article focused on honestly looking at your schedule, the totally reasonable “when” of things. Of all our precious resources, time is usually the ultimate frame for what is humanly possible.

This is one of 3 components to making it happen, Schedule!

Once you define and claim a space in your schedule, you know realistically how much of that resource can be directed at body moving.

The other to components are:

  • Systems, (every step in the process); I do this then I do this and then this.

  • Structure (the physical environment, the equipment you use). Structure is your physical environment and my last article was all about gym versus home. There are pluses and minuses to each!

Let’s explore structure and systems a bit more.

Let’s say…You are going to work out at home and you are going to stream a video from a program.

What do you need?

  • maybe a mat

  • maybe some equipment

  • your laptop

  • the mindset to get started, move with awareness

Now, problem solve every possible barrier/challenge.

  • getting started = ask for help from family, or tell yourself to just focus on the first 5 minutes, or explain exactly how you need support from your people

  • other human interruptions = can you play through? Meaning can you invite people into your space and see what happens, are you mentally prepared to pause and come back and know it’s okay.

  • phone calls and texts = they can most likely wait?

  • use a space with an outlet for plugging in your device…

  • wardrobe change = do you need to change clothes? Have the outfit ready.

This is an example of working out the procedure and physical environment to ensure follow through and efficiency, essentially, help zap anxiety.

Systems plus structure.

Same thing with the gym.

What do you need?

  • Car keys

  • a good plan for when you are there

  • a plan that fits the time frame

  • gym going outfit? Gym clothes, swimsuit, cap, goggle, bike shoes, water bottle…

  • possible showering gear

  • if bringing your humans, know the childcare policy and hours

  • lock

  • gym bag

Problem solving barriers?

  • The pack up confusion: if gym going, prepack your bag the night before, and reset it before the next go.

  • Have a place for things, like keys, your gym plan, your gym bag

  • Kid wrangling: have whatever they need ready

  • Traffic flow: pick a gym that makes sense with your daily driving

  • Make sure you like being there

  • Create a plan or co-create a plan so there’s no confusion there

I am sure when people launch space shuttles they are triple checking the to-do list.

And although you are not prepping for a space launch, you ARE trying to launch yourself towards a new thing.

Last little brian nugget, test and retest!

You may find that you did not anticipate a barrier or problem or that in real life your plan doesn’t fit your flow of life.

It is just data.

  • Try again.

  • Tweak it.

  • Laugh a little.

  • And do a little differently if you need to!

Lastly, the thing should be fun, interesting, and feel 10/10 like you can do it. Meaning if you are going form relatively less body moving, maybe not the 90 minute aerial kickboxing class…

Just to recap these 3 motivation posts:

  • Write out your schedule, find spots for your new habit. Let this determine the where of your new habit

  • Pick and define the something you like and is doable that fits in an available time frame

  • Now gather every item you may need by mentally rehearsing the thing

  • Problem solve potential barriers to making it happen.

  • Collect data as your practice

  • Make sure you are excited, and feel good about your plan, 10/10 doable!

Do you love the idea of exploring you micro and macro worlds of life flow?

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