This post can be helpful for those wondering what is it I do that is different from other physical therapist + personal trainer hybrids.

I believe each person's health story is like a really great road trip.  Before GPS.

Words like scary, delightful, mystical, complicated, strong, unsure, breathtaking, certain, lost, found, calming, and victorious all come to mind.  I could probably fill a page simply listing great adjectives about health stories!

I think injuries can be helpful and weight gain insightful.

I see a brand new human emerge more resilient and connected to themselves when they achieve recovery from a body misadventure and return to the activity that was previously beyond their reach.

My skill is helping you find where meal making and body moving fit in the current rapids and swirls of your life. I meet you where you are at and we play with all the possibilities. 

As we move along, you learn:

  • self care
  • the right parameters of strength and cardiovascular exercise for your body
  • practical meal preparation and planning
  • how to make the kitchen a safe place for nutrition density

In the process of repatterning your fitness and nutrition we lay down new thoughtful habits and get results in performance and physicality.  

My clients:

  • lower blood pressure
  • enjoy walking and/or running
  • get out and snowshoe
  • travel
  • run marathons and 5K's (3.1 miles)
  • gain muscle mass
  • lose weight
  • discover there inner athlete

And they do it at their unique Goldilocks pace.  

Together, we define and discover what challenging feels like to you.  

Health is your life.  It is not separate or a condiment or a sidebar.  It is not a very intense 8 weeks before your cousin's Rita's kid's wedding so you look smoking hot as you win the dance floor dropping hot moves to Stevie Wonder's Superstition (the greatest song EVER!).  I am not saying that ain't important!  Read on!

I want your plan to be sustainable. 

It also doesn't need to feel heavy or daunting or lonely.  

You can start to pick and chose new things to invite into your life. It can be a book, a class, a recipe, or reaching out to me!  There is a spectrum of help out there that will feel just right.

If you have found your balance, bravo! Take a moment to let self love wash over you and see all the effort and planning it took to get here.  Keep it up!  It takes planning and boundary setting to find time and ways to care for yourself.

If you have not, bravo!  Take a moment to let self love wash over you and see all the effort and planning it took to get here, to a place where you can see maybe you want to change.  You are pretty awesome and you see a new avenue of awesome you may want to pursue.

I invite you to feel smoking hot right now, ('cause you are!), and for you to get strong, get balanced, and have it be sustainable and enough.  It is key for you to be prepped and ready to reign supreme at every dance off! 

How you enjoy movement and deliver nutrient density is as unique as your fingerprint. Your menu, your workout week, your favorite movement modality is going to be different from mine, and cousin Rita's, and her kid's.

Something to reflect upon...when was a time you felt aligned and fulfilled on your own health road trip?