When motivation is NOT the problem...


You really like to move your body! You enjoy it! When you think about your most fit self you recall lots of good type feelings?

Why can't you get-yourself-to-the-gym-pop-in-that-DVD-get-on-that-treadmill-go-for-a-walk?

Well...maybe your life has shifted. Maybe your new job is in a different location, or you have kiddos, or you are in a different climate, new partner, post-surgery...Things shift, we fall in love, we make mammals, we move!

There are three big things that help you navigate your day.

Your systems, the how you do stuff. The sequence, the procedure, the steps.

Your structures, the physical environment, the materials you will use, and also what you do.  A little backfill here, the "why" you are doing it is going to be a strong influence here.

Your schedule, when and for how long.

These three things can help create success, even more so than motivation.

Over the next few weeks, I will break these down a bit...To get started you need to identify the very firstest step.  The next concrete thing to do!

I am going to start with locale...kinda like planning a wedding, or event, once you pick where the rest becomes a bit clearer. YES, you can have a pirate-themed wedding with goldfish treasure chest fish bowl centerpieces, but you got to have a place so everyone can know where to go!

At home, or at a gym?

If at a gym feels like the right fit, your action today is to look at gyms, find one that fits your financial, travel time, child care, and chosen-form-of-move-your-body (class, free weights, and/or equipment) needs.  That is your workout! Keep at it, schedule time to do this thing.  It's your very first action item.

If at home, where do you have space? You don't need a ton of space, a yoga or exercise mat's worth.  Are you gonna listen to music?  Do you have a spot to plug in your phone or laptop? Are you going to stream workouts or DVD's, make sure you have a chair for or good view or spot for your phone-laptop-TV And it can be a convertible space (the living room, your bedroom). You can just gather your gear in a basket, or box.  Your action item is to scope it out! Where is a space that can be your mini-gym for a few hours a week?

Don't worry about the what or how long or whether or not you will succeed.  You totally will succeed. Just first pick a location where said success will take place.

Feel free to share where you work out best if this resonates, and tell me your next tiny tine step!




This post can be helpful for those wondering what is it I do that is different from other physical therapist + personal trainer hybrids.

I believe each person's health story is like a really great road trip.  Before GPS.

Words like scary, delightful, mystical, complicated, strong, unsure, breathtaking, certain, lost, found, calming, and victorious all come to mind.  I could probably fill a page simply listing great adjectives about health stories!

I think injuries can be helpful and weight gain insightful.

I see a brand new human emerge more resilient and connected to themselves when they achieve recovery from a body misadventure and return to the activity that was previously beyond their reach.

My skill is helping you find where meal making and body moving fit in the current rapids and swirls of your life. I meet you where you are at and we play with all the possibilities. 

As we move along, you learn:

  • self care
  • the right parameters of strength and cardiovascular exercise for your body
  • practical meal preparation and planning
  • how to make the kitchen a safe place for nutrition density

In the process of repatterning your fitness and nutrition we lay down new thoughtful habits and get results in performance and physicality.  

My clients:

  • lower blood pressure
  • enjoy walking and/or running
  • get out and snowshoe
  • travel
  • run marathons and 5K's (3.1 miles)
  • gain muscle mass
  • lose weight
  • discover there inner athlete

And they do it at their unique Goldilocks pace.  

Together, we define and discover what challenging feels like to you.  

Health is your life.  It is not separate or a condiment or a sidebar.  It is not a very intense 8 weeks before your cousin's Rita's kid's wedding so you look smoking hot as you win the dance floor dropping hot moves to Stevie Wonder's Superstition (the greatest song EVER!).  I am not saying that ain't important!  Read on!

I want your plan to be sustainable. 

It also doesn't need to feel heavy or daunting or lonely.  

You can start to pick and chose new things to invite into your life. It can be a book, a class, a recipe, or reaching out to me!  There is a spectrum of help out there that will feel just right.

If you have found your balance, bravo! Take a moment to let self love wash over you and see all the effort and planning it took to get here.  Keep it up!  It takes planning and boundary setting to find time and ways to care for yourself.

If you have not, bravo!  Take a moment to let self love wash over you and see all the effort and planning it took to get here, to a place where you can see maybe you want to change.  You are pretty awesome and you see a new avenue of awesome you may want to pursue.

I invite you to feel smoking hot right now, ('cause you are!), and for you to get strong, get balanced, and have it be sustainable and enough.  It is key for you to be prepped and ready to reign supreme at every dance off! 

How you enjoy movement and deliver nutrient density is as unique as your fingerprint. Your menu, your workout week, your favorite movement modality is going to be different from mine, and cousin Rita's, and her kid's.

Something to reflect upon...when was a time you felt aligned and fulfilled on your own health road trip?



PRE-PAIN Signals!

Ring. Ring. Hello!

It's your body. 

Have you gotten any wake up calls lately?  Or maybe a really brief text?

Think about a time when you had a medium to large injury.  Were there whispers along the way?  A little difficulty in the mornings getting moving that wasn't there before.  Has it been harder to balance and put on your pants?  Have you had a nagging feeling in your hamstring on and off during your runs?  Did you feel something after lifting weights in your back and it never went away?  Sore feet after a wedding and now your getting a little bunion?

That is a casserole of potential injury baking.

Sometimes body changes can be loud and really get your attention.  Sometimes the trigger may be subtle.

I challenge you to scan your body and see if anything is whispering.  Have you begun to accept discomfort and pain and modify your life around this sensation? 

Respect those remarks from your body and embrace a solution by:

  • going for a walk
  • try a BEGINNER yoga class
  • Check out the MELT method
  • Pick up Jill Miller's ROLL Model book
  • Call me!

One last thought on signals.  IF you have had an injury doing (fill in the blank) then simply stop moving for a while...the offended area may no longer be actively painful, but it has changed.  If you hurt yourself, there IS a strength, range of motion, and/or neurological change.  And it will most likely come up if you go back to activity without loving on that zone.

One of the biggest indicators of low back is PREVIOUS back pain.  Same with ankle sprains.  One of the biggest indicators of ankle sprain is having experienced one already!!!  

Pain may subside, but decreased range of motion, strength, power, or stability are indicators of change in function.  And I want you to function happy and strong in your world.  

Comment below if you have any signals!


That's a good question, right?

Usually a nubbly ball of issues or a big event will trigger a life change for the average mammal.

How you look in a photo. A fall. Job change. Injury. Desire to be a crazy strong mofo.

My clients come to me because they are fed up with an ouch, or feel tired and fatigued. Or all of the above. They want to be able to negotiate the stairs without pain, hike and feel stable, run faster, and carry in the groceries.  I would say physical limitations are the #1 driver of change that bring my people to me.  

We as a heath community know some things about successful change.  You gotta feel a bit excited about it, and will have more success with long term change if you change one thing at a time, versus mega overhaul everything at once.  It is equally important to get glacially clear about why you want it, and how you will feel when this goal is your reality.  Then look at what your limiting factor is, and implement a good ole behavior change.  

Here is an example form my own life.  Desired goal. Excitement. Limiting factor. Behavior change.

This year my goal is to meditate everyday.  And to me...this IS exciting!

Why? The sweet, sweet brain balm meditation provides oozes into all my other goals.  When I have a calm, clear mind, I make MUCH better decisions and am a better focuser (yes, this is a word..?).   I have two autoimmune disorders.  Evidence for this being a helper on multiple fronts in reversing or helping autoimmune disorders (reducing sympathetic tone, aiding against depression, and so forth) make meditation sort of like free medicine.  

My limiting factor? I found I needed to do it first thing, and that meant earlier to rise.  Earlier to rise meant earlier to bed.

My behavior change? Get to bed earlier.  I realized I was not awesome at putting myself to bed, so this was a huge step in the right direction.  With sleep being our recharge time, this has been great addition to my health regimen in general.  Win-to-the-win-to-the-winny-win-win!

I am excited about how clean and calm I feel when I meditate, and so far I have meditated 39 times since September 15th! And had a 16 day streak in there!  Next year I can blog about 365 days straight. I am currently on a 3 day streak!

Are you ready for nutrition and lifestyle change? Are you ready to rumble! Let me know! OR...click in the "Ready For Change" form below that is part of my mega intake.  See how you score!

Readiness For Change